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MBA - Agribusiness

ISAB master’s degree program builds a strong business foundation through its multipronged industry oriented pedagogy. The MBA program consists of 155 credit hour courses, live projects and summer internship programs. The classroom teaching prepares students for a strong foundation on management concepts. The speaker sessions, management case discussions, industry exposure visits give the students a real-life scenario for assessing the practicality of the concepts. The corporate internship programs further prepare students to work under corporate environment. The focus of the program is to equip students with advanced professional skills i.e. technical as well as soft skills.

The MBA program is designed to prepare students to:

  • Understand the business aspects of agriculture and allied activities.
  • Understand dynamics of the various agribusiness functions.
  • Develop skill sets to efficiently execute the managerial responsibilities.
  • National and International agribusiness trade scenarios.
  • Inculcate the excellence, commitment and social attitude of the participants to work for socio-economic well being.
Course Code Course Name Credit
MABM-01 Concepts of Management 4
MABM-02 Marketing Management 4
MABM-03 Financial Management 4
MABM-04 Organizational Behavior 3
MABM-05 Human Resource Management 3
MABM-06 MIS and Computer Applications 2
MABM-07 Agribusiness Policies and Environment 4
MABM-08 Business Accounting Management 4
MABM-09 Production and Operations Management 4
MABM-010 ICT in Business Management 3
MABM-011 Supply Chain Management 3
MABM-012 Strategic Management 2
Summer Break Summer Project 08
MABM-13 Research Methodology and Case Study 4
MABM-14 Agribusiness Projects Management 4
MABM-15 Agro Procurement and Food Retailing 4
MABM-16 International Food Trade and Policies 3
MABM-17 Agribusiness Financing and Risks Management 3
MABM-18 Government and Institutions in Agriculture 2
Winter Break Winter Project 04
SEMESTER – IV Specialization 08
01 Dairy Technology & Management
MABM-19 Dairy plant operations and management 02
MABM-20 Dairy machinery and products 02
MABM-21 Milking management and Manure Handling 02
MABM-22 Marketing of dairy Products 02
02 Poultry Management
MABM-23 Poultry housing and management 02
MABM-24 Poultry feeds and feeding 02
MABM-25 Poultry breeding & Hatchery management 02
MABM-26 Marketing of Poultry and Poultry Products 02
03 Horticulture and Farm Management
MABM-27 Vegetable Production & Post Harvest Management 02
MABM-28 Fruit Production & Post Harvest Management 02
MABM-29 Supply chain of Fruits and Vegetables 02
MABM-30 Management of Floriculture & Landscaping 02
04 Irrigation and Farm Machinery Management
MABM-31 Farm Power Machinery and Equipment 02
MABM-32 Greenhouse Technology 02
MABM-33 Irrigation Technique Management 02
MABM-34 Marketing of Agricultural Machinery 02
05 Animal Health Management
MABM-35 Animal Health and nutrition 02
MABM-36 Feeding and calf management 02
MABM-37 Epidemiology and animal health economics  02
MABM-38 Sustainable livestock farming in the environment 02
06 Food Processing Industry Management
MABM-39 Food Technology & Processing Management 02
MABM-40 Marketing of Food and Food Products 02
MABM-41 Procurement and Materials Management 02
MABM-42 Food processing environment and policy 02
07 Fisheries and aquaculture
MABM-43 Principles of aquaculture 02
MABM-44 Fisheries resource management 02
MABM-45 Marketing of fisheries and aqua products 02
MABM-46 Aquaculture Management 02
08 Commodity Management
MABM-47 Commodity Supply Chain Management 02
MABM-48 Financial Derivatives 02
MABM-49 Foundations of Commodities 02
MABM-50 Trading in Commodity and Financial Markets 02
09 Agri input Management
MABM-51 Seed Production Technology & Management 02
MABM-52 Marketing of Agro Input Products 02
MABM-53 Management of Agro Chemical Industry 02
MABM-54 Fertiliser Technology & Management= 02
Total Credits 80