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Dr. RB Singh
Central Agriculture University

Over the last couple of decades, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the Indian agriculture sector from being production driven to consumption led. The rapidly changing consumption patterns across the population have added further momentum to this shift. This has made the cultivation practices and post production activities; processing, value addition, packaging, storage, logistics, trade and marketing along with associated industrial and post-harvest related business processes an essential and integral part of the agri-food demand-supply chain. The second most important phenomenon of the decade is the tremendous use of information and communication technologies (ICT); use of mobile and e-commerce platforms, remote sensing, drones and other advanced technologies in agriculture sector. There is growing integration of agriculture production with trade and marketing, creating big opportunities in the field of agribusiness. However optimum and sustainable harnessing of these new agribusiness opportunities would call for innovative management strategies that may successfully integrate value chain development and supply chain management, connecting all stakeholders up to primary producer. As such, successful agribusiness management requires special set of skills, expertise and acumen, quite different from conventional business management. It is with this realization and the long felt need to provide for a model institution of excellence in agribusiness management for grooming young men and women that the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture ( has established Indian School of Agri Business in National Capital Region. ISAB is fortunate to have global institutions such as its strategic partners and the patronage of the industry across board, who are part of ICFA through its 27 Industry Working Groups. My personal best wishes for those selected young men and women who may soon be fortunate to be part of this excellent institution and also for those countless countrymen whose lives they may positively impact in the times to come..