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Course Brief

  • Dairy Technology and Management
  • The dairy industry is no exception promptly growing at large. Dairy industry holds an important place in Indian economy. The Indian dairy industry is not only a vital producer of dairy products but also is one of the largest employers in the country in both the rural as well as the urban region. It has emerged as most fundamental source of making livelihood in rural part of India and helped in uplifting their status. The course aims at training students with the basic knowledge of various dairy plant operations, dairy machinery, designing and managing dairy plant, hence improving the quality of the products. After completing MBA Agri Business with specialization in Dairy Technology and Management, you can apply in both the Government as well private sectors.

  • Poultry Management
  • In recent years, poultry has emerged as potent source of income due to high food value. The eggs and chicken meat are rich sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. This course is intended to provide students basic knowledge of poultry housing and management, poultry feeds and feeding and various poultry operations and equipment, maintaining a hygienic environment, handling & identifying chickens, controlling pests etc. Aspirants can work in government as well as in the private sector. Poultry has made notable progresses mostly in the private sector. After holding degree in this field you can find jobs in various hatcheries, pharmaceutical concerns, feed millers, veterinary hospitals, feed production companies, feed analysis laboratories, education, business, management & research etc.

  • Horticulture and Farm Management
  • India is bestowed with one of the highest diverse edaphic and climatic conditions in world varying from tropical, subtropical, temperate and within these humid, semi-arid, arid, frost free temperate etc. Due to such adaptability, there is a good scope for horticulture. This course will cover different aspects of horticulture and farm management like organizing and operating a farm and maximizing yields. It will focus on production and post harvest methodologies of fruits and vegetables, supply chain and management of floriculture and landscaping. After holding degree, you may work in various fields like production and sales, marketing, research and development, landscape design, construction and management.

  • Irrigation and Farm Machinery Management
  • Due to advance irrigation techniques and farm machinery there is revolutionary increase in agricultural production. The objective of this course module is to acquaint the students with the basics of farm power machinery and equipment, greenhouse technology, irrigation technique management and marketing of agricultural machinery. They will be introduced to different irrigation techniques like micro and macro irrigation. After getting degree, aspirant can go for entrepreneurship or can get jobs in fields like agrochemical industry, farm machinery industry, production and sales, marketing, research and development; and farm management.

  • Animal Health Management
  • In India, a large number of people in the rural area depend upon animal husbandry for their living. The animal husbandry plays a vital role in increasing Indian economy. The course includes animal health and nutrition, feeding and calf management, epidemiology and animal health economics and sustainable livestock farming in the environment. This course has been designed to help you understand animal epidemiology and basic veterinary practices and develop appropriate skills so as to increase food production under different livestock management systems. After holding a degree in this field you can manage a livestock operation, consult for an agribusiness company or start your own breeding farm.

  • Food Processing Industry Management
  • Food processing is a modern practice that improves distributional efficiency and enhances the marketing of food. Course will lay emphasize on food technology & processing management, marketing of food and food products, procurement and materials management, food processing environment and policy. After completion of the course, aspirants can get jobs in areas like dairy and food processing, canning, packaging, fisheries, meat & poultry, alcoholic beverages & soft drinks and grain processing.

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
  • Fishery industry involves in catching, processing, marketing, exporting and protection of fish. India ranks number 2 in fish production after China. Since, it is the tenth of China so there is a need to learn some sophisticated technology methods for fish breeding and protection. This programme will introduce students with the principles of aquaculture, fisheries resource management, marketing of fisheries and aqua products and aquaculture management. There are lots of job opportunities in government and the private sector. In every country or state, the government has fisheries department where you can apply for various posts. You can also apply for jobs in central government agencies like Marine Product Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Fisheries Survey of India (FSI), NIO, WHO, and many others. Also, there are more career options in exporting and business field related to fisheries or you can be an entrepreneur.

  • Commodity Management
  • India has commodity based economy where people depend upon agriculture commodity. India is an under-developed country so there is a need to learn about current market trends and various commodity derivatives. This course will focus on commodity supply chain management, financial derivatives, foundations of commodities, trading in commodity and financial markets. This will give idea about various operations like production, planning, procurement and logistics management, risk factors in commodity trading. This can facilitate the retailers to identify better-quality suppliers, distributors which will in turn help them to get improved yield, which and brings down customers costs. After completion of the degree, aspirants can find opportunities in various fields like food production companies, banks, import-export firms, retail firms etc.

  • Agri input Management
  • Agri input industry includes seeds, fertilizers, agro-chemicals and farm machineries. This course will provide an overview of agencies and policies involved in the procurement of farm inputs by the farmers and the movement of agricultural products from the farms to the consumers. Further, it will help them learning and implementing successful strategies like pricing and logistics management, promotion and marketing in their business markets. After holding degree, there are lots of opportunities in fields like agrochemical industry, farm management, institutes, banks, retail firms etc.