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Dr S M Ilyas
Former Director
National Academy of Agricultural Research Management

Agriculture plays a vital role in India's economy. More than 55% of the households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Agriculture, along with horticulture, poultry, fisheries and forestry, is one of the largest contributors to the national GDP.

It is imperative therefore that the management of farm economies is done for achieving the multiple tasks the sector is expected to perform. I am delighted that you are considering Indian School of Agribusiness as a means to fulfill your role in the nation building process through its outstanding Agribusiness management program.

Today is an era of precision farming, safe food, disruptive innovations and digital agriculture. In this era of challenging market and technological environment, learning of advanced management concepts and soft skills, business ethics and industry oriented training becomes a critical success factor. ISAB through its path breaking initiative has paved the way for all to acquire the skills, who want to pursue agribusiness education and later join the career in this field to be part of the exciting opportunities that the agribusiness sector has thrown open.

For students, selecting the right courses at the right college is very important. Our relentless efforts will always continue to provide a good learning environment within and outside the institute and make students' life cheerful and memorable. ISAB stands for commitment to excellence, and a spirit of creative independence.

I am sure you will find ISAB to be an institution in its prime vigorous, vocal, and worthy of the acclaim it has already earned in the food and agri industry and among the educational institutions. To introduce you to ISAB, is to acquaint you with a group of people who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

On behalf of the faculty and administration, I wish to congratulate you on being part of an exciting journey and wish you the best as you determine your goal for the future.